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Heron Creek

When considering public artwork for our new building, we committed to the natural theme presented by the current wildlife sculptures at locations around The Woodlands. To achieve our vision, we selected Edd Hayes, who is well known for the huge “Wild and Free” monument at Reliant Stadium in Houston. As our building is situated beside a lake, Edd presented the concept of a group of great blue herons along the fountain in front of our building, and proposed creating those sculptures in stainless steel. Working with Edd throughout the project was a pleasure and the result is a truly magnificent display of fine art.

Boyd Burdett
Director, Real Estate
Anadarko Petroleum Corp

Magnolia Whitetails

Installation of the deer went well. After much discussion and lugging her around here and there, we settled the drinking deer on the north side of the stream (driveway side). Now, you can see her face and she looks so good you would think we planned it that way all along. Tim’s crew just finished the final mulching and finishing touches today. I will probably get a chance to get some pictures for you over the weekend.

My husband has been away on a business trip all week. He will come home after dark this evening and be greeted with those glowing deer eyes (amazing how that works!) I can not wait to hear his reaction.

Edd, I can not tell you how pleased I am with these deer. They are awesome. I never doubted that they would be great, but truly, my expectations are way surpassed. The intricate detail of the animals is such that personality emanates from each. By their posture and expression, you can almost see what they are thinking. Edd, you are a superb artist. I look forward to working with you on another project soon.


A Call To Duty

I stopped by the Texas Visitors center today outside of Gainesville, Texas to see the memorial that you sculpted to honor the 103rd. My Uncle, Robert B. Higbee is listed there because he was killed in France. Thank you for your contribution to the effort to honor the sacrifice of these youngsters that did so much for freedom and liberty. You did a wonderful job. As a Texan and a niece of one of the fallen, I am very proud of your work and appreciate it very much. Your work bestowed honor on their sacrifice.

Sharon Hunter

A Call To Duty

We found it a real pleasure working with you in your creation and naming of the feature attraction, the 1 1/2 life-size bronze, “A CALL TO DUTY”, to our first of its kind, Historical Monument honoring all WW II Veterans and documenting the history of the 103d INF DIV of WW II. Your bronze sculpture is WORLD CLASS. You have done us proud.

Melton “Mel” Wright, President
May 2007

Aggie Spirit, The Tradition Lives

Edd Hayes is an extraordinarily gifted artist who has the unique ability to capture the essence of a subject. I have commissioned over 25 major artists for special projects, ranging from $30,000 to over $1 million dollars, and I can say with all sincerity that Edd bonds with his client, subject, mission and product more than anyone I’ve ever known. His love for detail, his insistence on authenticity, and his understanding of beauty are captured miraculously in his sculptures. Edd’s sculpture honoring the Texas A&M tradition of bonfire, Aggie Spirit, installed now in the most visited quarter of Bryan-College Station, Texas, evokes emotions that will never be tempered by time or distance. The youthful man standing upon logs with axe in hand and red pot on his head represents that eternal feeling in all Aggies that separates us from the rest of the world. The fact that Edd’s sculpture succeeds in recalling the past and moves us with such great hope for the future is a tribute to his understanding of his commission and our purpose. I am proud that we engaged Edd to create that sculpture, Aggie Spirit, for our community, and there are thousands of Aggies, from yesterday and today who love that sculpture, and always will.

Edd Hayes listened to our desires and needs. He worked with us on a fair price. He gave us a date for its completion, and then he delivered the work early – rare among artists! He is a gentleman in every sense of the word and it is without reservation that I recommend him to anyone considering a significant and moving work of art punctually delivered at a fair price.

David Romei, Ph.D. Executive Director (1998-2005)
Arts Council of Brazos Valley

David Romei Arts Center
College Station, Texas

He Is Risen

Edd Hayes was a God send for me, after my wife of 18 years (Lisa) passed away, I wanted to do something special to memorialize her and what she meant to me and so many people. After discussing several ideas with a mutual friend and a fellow artist of Edd’s, I was determined to set an appointment and pay a visit to Edd’s studio to view his work and discuss his ideas. His work was awesome…all of it…paintings, bronzes you name it….

During the first meeting Edd was most interested in Lisa, what she liked, what she was like and how I wanted to remember her.

I told Edd I wanted something that would represent her faith in Jesus Christ, and depict a devotional she wrote related to a scripture that was published in one of our churches “40 Days of Prayer” book, the scripture was Matthew 28 :1-7, where “The Angel” appeared to Mary letting her know that Jesus had risen and that he would be back.

Edd was so inspired by the request, and the fact he had started several angel bronzes in the past but never brought them to completion, he saw this as his opportunity to fulfill my dream and his at the same time.

The first drawing and then the maquette were so inspiring, I could not wait to see the finished product and it was all well worth the wait. He created such a likeness of Lisa in the angel it was her to a tee, down to the sandals that she wore, the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eye.

Thanks Edd for the excellent job you did in memorializing Lisa for myself and all of our friends and family.

Peter A. Sanders


Little did I realize that when I sat down with Edd Hayes for a coffee and cowboy story session that the result would be an Edd Hayes masterpiece based on a story that I told him about my life long friend John Hoyt and a big Bay horse that he called “Sumbitch” correct in every detail down to the tooling on John’s Art Vancore saddle. Sumbitch now resides in what I call my “Kowboy Korner” along with my other memories of what was once my proud profession as a working horseman.

Don McDaniel

John & Dodie Osteen


Though I live in Dallas, I am a frequent visitor to Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. During a Sunday service, the Lord led me to honor my adopted Mother Dodie Osteen with a life-sized bronze sculpture of Dodie and her late husband John Osteen who founded Lakewood Church 50 years ago. I researched sculpture artists worldwide before finding Edd Hayes. Amazingly Edd lives and works in the Houston area.

When Edd met with the Osteens and me, he made us all very comfortable with his personal style and his extremely high quality work. He seemed like the perfect sculpture artist to create this very personal work of art. Edd delivered the completed sculpture 12 months later, and it was everything we imagined it would be. The Osteen family was deeply moved by the piece. All of us appreciated his professionalism and his artistry. I am looking forward to his on-going friendship for many years to come.

Craig Keeland

Matt Dawson

Edd Hayes gifts in capturing the essence of a subject are phenomenal. His sculpture of Matt Dawson, an icon in the trial bar and in the Baylor Law School community, has drawn uniform praise for capturing the subtleties of a complex and dynamic personality. We are so impressed by Edd, he is truly gifted as a sculptor.

Brad Toben, Dean
Baylor University School of Law

Matt Dawson

Edd Hayes is a true master of the art. He captured perfectly not only the physical appearance but also the real spirit of Mad Dog Dawson.

Gerald R. Powell, Director
Practice Court Program
Baylor University School of Law

The Champ

Edd Hayes is a master of the sculpted form. The spirit, accuracy, and soul-stirring detail of his work earn him the title of all-around champion of rodeo sculpture.

Michael Husband, Executive Director, 1992 – 1997
ProRodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy
Colorado Springs, CO

Joe Bowman

I’ve got a BIG problem, both good and bad. It’s about an unusual man I have known for over 25 years. It would take a book to write all of what I know of this man. But to sit around a campfire talking and telling stories, just the names circulated there have tales; BEN JOHNSON, Movie Star and World Champion Roper, Hell Fighter RED ADAIR, Texas Rangers, JOAQUIN JACKSON and CAPTAIN DAN NORTH, Professional Rodeo Superstar, CASEY TIBBS, and the JOHN WAYNE family, all know of Edd’s skills. Women of beauty and of the frontier life have come into being through his skillful hands and eyes. Larger than life-size bronze statues of a World War II Infantry Soldier and Firemen have been created by this great sculptor.

EDD HAYES did a bronze sculpture of me, JOE BOWMAN, The Straight Shooter. It is in total detail and I cannot, in writing, describe it. It has to be seen to see what EDD HAYES has captured in this bronze image.

DESCRIPTION OF EDD HAYES; An American, a Cowboy and an International Sculptor. But most of all, A FRIEND!

Joe Bowman