Apache Moon - Native American Bronze Sculpture - by Edd Hayes Bronze Sculptor-Artist - Call of the West Collection

Apache Moon - Native American Bronze Sculpture - by Edd HayesApache Moon - Native American Bronze Sculpture - by Edd Hayes Bronze Sculptor-Artist - Call of the West Collection
Call of the West Collection of fine bronze sculpture by Edd Hayes

Apache Moon

size 18 1/2" tall x 17" wide x 12" deep
limited edition 15
Life-size bronze portrait of a young Apache,
mounted on natural stone with his drawings carved into the face of the rock.
Each rock is approximately the same size,
but will vary in color and texture. The carvings
on the rock will differ with each piece.

The soft golden glow of a full moon illuminated the chiseled features of the young Apache's face. From his lookout, a vantage point high in the rugged Sierra Madre mountains, he could see for miles.

Although the moon was bright and the night sky was full of twinkling stars, off in the distance lighting danced as a big thunderstorm brewed over the desert below. The huge dark clouds, backlit by the moonlight, seemed as if they were taking on mysterious shapes. The young warrior saw giant men and animals, birds and even snakes! Were these spirits? Were they gods? Was this a vision? Questions he could not answer, but as he stood amazed by these wonders of his imagination, he also felt a powerful urge to somehow record what he was seeing so that others could maybe see them also.

Excited, he first tried making marks on a rock with a stick, then remembering the white man's metal tool he had discovered in an old cave the day before, he took it from his bag and started to work. He worked throughout the moonlit night making deep carvings on the rock and by dawn he was very proud of the results.

There, his rendition of all the wonderful and strange visions he had seen during the night, their spirits captured forever on a piece of sandstone, he had created a true work of art.

He wanted to share his creation with others, however, it was time to leave. His people were being pursued and Goyakla, their leader, was ready to move on.

As the little band of nomads moved deeper into the sanctuary of the mountains, the weary young artist was forced to let his art fall in the dust of the trail.

He wondered to himself, what would become of it? Would someone someday find it and ponder what his drawings meant? Would they see the mystery and wonder of the figures he had so painstakingly carved that night? The night a young Apache warrior became an artist.

The night of the Apache Moon. . . . . .

Edd Hayes

Edd Hayes Fine Bronze Commission Sculpture

"Creative Versatility" best describes this internationally collected master of the sculpted form. A specialist in the planning, design, creation and installation of Life-size and Monumental bronze sculpture.

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